Ostana, is one of the municipalities awarded as one of the best villages in Italy. Guests are very welcome in this dining room facing the Monviso mountain. You can spend here special moments all seasons long, listening to ancient stories told by people who never abandoned these places, while enjoying the precious sound of the Occitan language.

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Ostana and the Monviso mountain

The village is made up of scattered hamlets situated on the sunny side of the upper Po Valley with a great view of Monviso (3841 mt). The Po river, in its lowest part, crosses this territory.  

Even though it is necessary a four hour walk to visit all the hamlets, this is the easiest way to see this Alpine corner of Occitania. During the winter snow shoes and boots are recommended. The architecture is based on a spontaneous mix of stone and wood with the typical tiled "lose" roofs. This mountain was well populated in the past and the fields were cultivated with big stone slabs limiting them.

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Ostana village, traditional architecture

Ostana is one of the municipalities of the upper Po valley, placed in the Cuneo province, in the western Piedmont (north-west of Italy).
The Po Valley is one of the shortest of the Occitan valleys: from the Padan plain, in a few dozen kilometres it reaches an altitude of 3841 meters above sea level with the peak of Monviso, that dominates the western horizon.

Feasts in Ostana

Ostana organizes several community initiatives all over the year: singing groups, literary and video contests, photographic exhibitions, environmental improvement projects, excursions with snowshoes, picnics, common bread preparation and cooking sessions, meetings for the members of the Alpine troops.

In the tiny village of Ostana traditional food is the testimony of a long history made of people, agricolture, pastoralism and based on products which are typical of the site. In Ostana you can also taste a cousine contaminated by near and far recepies with interesting Occitan and Spanish influences.

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Webcam: The Monviso Mountain from Ostana. Amateur Weather Forecast Station provided by the Agritourism A nostro mizoun
Webcam: The Monviso Mountain from Ostana. Webcam provided by Agritourism A Nostro Mizoun.

Current Weather Situation

Ostana's Amateur Weather Live Weather Station provided by the Agritourism A Nostro Mizoun: