Exhibitions in Ostana

Ostana organises special exhibitions all the year long by involving international and national famous artists and collectors and proposing original events and pieces.

The Municipality of Ostana, in collaboration with the Bouligar Association, its local-national-international partners and special friends, is used to organise and offer courses, seminars and conferences. The majority of these are opportunities open to the large audience, some other are addressed to specific targets with specialization and professional improvement aim.

Ostana village

Alpine architecture has always been marked by the particular weather conditions and the materials available in the mountains: stone and wood were used to construct buildings that could withstand heavy snowfall, sudden changes of weather and continuous blast of wind. In Ostana, this cultural heritage has been well preserved and brought into alignment with the needs of people today.

Occitan language and culture

Occitan is the traditional language spoken in Ostana. The Occitan linguistic community includes parts of Southern France, the Aran Valley in Spain and in Italy, twelve valleys in Piedmont, a small territory in Liguria and the linguistic enclave of Guardia Piemontese (Calabria, Italy).

Ostana, history

Ostana is an Occitan village at the foot of Monviso.
An irresistible will to revive characterizes this Occitan village in the upper Po valley.